Oyster Mushroom Fried Thai Basil 九层塔炒杏鲍菇

九层塔炒杏鲍菇的中文食谱, 请点击链接:查阅

Ingredient list

1.Oyster Mushroom(pleurotus eryngii)1pack 
2.Chicken Breast1pce 
6.Chilli Padi5pcs 
7.Thai Basil 1bunch 
8.Cooking oil2tblsp 
 Sauce Ingredient    
1.Soy sauce2tblsp 
2.Oyster sauce1tblsp 
3.Shao xing cooking wine1tblsp 
4.Brown sugar1/2tsp 
6.Corn flour solution2tblspRatio 1:1


  1. Clean oyster mushrooms, move and cut diagonally into pieces.
  2. Chicken breast cut into desired size.
  3. Remove shallot and garlic skins, cut into diagonal pieces respectively.
  4. Clean and get ready ginger, chilli padi and thai basil.
  5. Mix sauce ingredients 1 to 5 in a bowl.
  6. Heat up a frying pan, add oyster mushroom pieces.
  7. Fry until you observe light browning on the edges of oyster mushroom.
  8. Dish out and set aside the oyster mushroom.
  9. Meanwhile, clean the frying pan.
  10. Heat the frying pan, add cooking oil, shallot, garlic and chilli padi.
  11. Stir fry until you smell the fragrance released from the ingredients.
  12. Add chicken breast, fry until it is half cooked.
  13. Pour in the sauce, add oyster mushroom, bring to boil.
  14. Use the corn flour solution to lightly thicken the sauce.
  15. Add thai basil, mix well, serve hot.


  1. Oyster mushroom will shrink during pan frying, hence you may want to cut a little bigger than you preferred size to take consideration of this.
  2. I skipped step 12 because I made use of chicken breast prepared weekly. If you are interested to prepare chicken breasts for convenient cooking, please click link: VIEW

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