Sesame Egg Short Soup 麻油鸡蛋汤

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Ingredient list

1.Egg (Size A, 50g each)4nos
2.Old ginger slice (skin on)20nos
 Water 600g or 
 Chicken stock 800g or 
 Chicken stock + rice wine 800g (ratio 1:1) 
4.Goji berry 20g 
5.Spring onion to taste 
6.Cooking oil 4 tblsp 
7.Sesame oil 3 tblsp 
8.Pink salt to taste 
9.Soy sauce to taste 
10.D.O.M to taste 

How to read this recipe?

  1. Egg – Depending on personal preference. You may fry 4 sunny side ups, or stir into egg mixture for frying scrambled egg
  2. Oil
    • Traditionally, the elderly fried egg with sesame oil when making this dish. I do not recommend this practice. The boiling point of sesame oil is low. It will be exposed to high heat for long frying time (egg will not set if you use low heat) should you use it to fry egg, during which some undesired substance that may be harmful to our health may form.
    • I use cooking oil that has high boiling point, for example, rice bran oil or groundnut oil to fry egg. The remainder of cooking oil will be kept for cooking other dishes once the eggs are done. Then I will turn the heat to low to fry ginger slices with sesame oil.
  3. Liquid
    • If you keep a vegetarian diet and do not consume liquor, you may cook this dish by using water only. However, water tastes rather stale hence the soup will be more flavourful if you reduce the amount of water to be added to the soup.
    • In the event you use chicken stock and rice wine, you may use more liquid as both chicken stock and rice wine have taste, the soup will still be flavourful even if you add a little more liquid.
  4. This soup dish is suitable for confinement diet. If you are preparing this dish for confinement purpose, you may use Buntong ginger instead. However, to avoid retention of fluid in body, do away salt. You may enhance the flavour with a touch of soy sauce if needed.
  5. D.O.M is good for health, it aids to keep warm. Please use based on your needs and your threshold of liquor consumption.


  1. Rinse goji berries, let dry.
  2. Heat up cooking oil in a wok, fry eggs, set aside.
  3. Pour out the remaining oil, lower the heat, add sesame oil to fry ginger slices, until the sides of ginger slices lightly browned and curled.
  4. Pour in liquid, add eggs, bring to boil at high heat.
  5. Season with pink salt, enhance the flavour with soy sauce.
  6. Pour the soup into a pre-heated claypot, add desired amount of D.O.M., serve hot.

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