Old School Sesame Chicken Glutinous Rice 古早味麻油鸡糯米饭

Old School Sesame Chicken Glutinous Rice


Ingredient list

1.Glutinous rice (long grain) 3cups
2.Chicken leg 240g
3.Black sesame oil 1/2茶匙
4.Pink salt 1/4茶匙
5.White pepper to taste
6.Old ginger 22g
7.Dried mushroom 4pcs approx.40g
8.Chinese sausage 1pair (optional)
9.Diced spring onion (optional)
10.Black sesame oil 3 tblsp
11.Pink salt to taste
12.Rice wine 150ml
1.Black sesame oil 1/2汤匙
2.Soy sauce 1汤匙


  1. Wash and remove bones from chicken leg, cut into desired size. Marinate with ingredient 3-5.
  2. Lightly wash glutinous rice, soak overnight. Filter away water in the following morning, set aside to dry off.
  3. Soak mushrooms, lightly squeeze away water, cut into dices.
  4. Clean ginger, cut into slices.
  5. Heat up pan, add sesame oil and ginger slices. Fry at low heat until ginger slices are lightly curl.
  6. Add chicken and mushroom, adjust to medium heat, stir fry until fragrance. Sprinkle some pink salt to season.
  7. Pour in glutinous rice, gradually sprinkled with rice wine, continue to stir fry to let the rice absorbed the fragrance of rice wine.
  8. Use a spatula to lightly spread flat the rice, add some water, until the water level is slightly lower than the rice spread.
  9. Put on the Chinese sausage, cover the pan to cook with medium low heat for approximately 20min, use chopsticks to move around the glutinous rice, upside down in order to even out the doneness of glutinous rice.
  10. Observe the glutinous rice, it is done if the colour turned clearer, and the center of rice grain is not hard anymore.
  11. Off the heat, pour in black sesame oil and soy sauce to enhance the beautiful flavour of glutinous rice, put on cover to encourage penetration of flavour by utilising the remaining heat.
  12. Serve hot.
Fry chicken until the outer is crust (turned white) before addition of mushroom and glutious rice. Do not fry chicken all the way to cook it otherwise the texture will be too old by the time the dish is done.

Pour in rice wine in several batches, stir well after each addition. Lastly, add water, use the wooden spoon to smooth out the rice and cover.
Beautifully done sesame chicken glutinous rice, the old school method.
Once glutinous rice turned slight clear as shown in this photo, it is fully cooked. Another method to determine the doneness of glutinous rice is to bite into a grain, if it is soft without hardness at the center, it is done.


  1. Chinese sausage and diced scallion are optional, based on personal preferences.
  2. Amount of liquid needed also depends on water content in the glutinous rice grains. Just an overall guide, ratio of glutinous rice to liquid (rice wine plus water) approximately 1:0.8
  3. For anyone who enjoy crispy rice at the bottom, you may increase cooking time at intervals of 5min, for glutinous rice to further crust once it is cooked (step 10).Recommend to check every 5min to avoid over burning that caused bitterness in taste.
Check at intervals of 5 min to avoid over crusting the glutinous rice at the bottom.

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