How to maintain purple colour of brinjal? 怎样保留茄子漂亮的紫色?


In many circumstances, especially during heating up, brinjal(eggplant) tends to lose its beautiful purple colour. Although this does not affect the flavour and texture of brinjal, the dish may not look presentable when eggplant turns brownish.

I trust many are curious about what will be the best way to retain the beautiful purple colour of brinjal. It is a common understanding that deep frying can maintain the purple colour of brinjal. However, many may not want to go for this resort as we tend to lean towards healthier diet by consuming less oil.

Therefore, I’d like to share with you one very easy hack about cooking brinjal. It comprised of two steps:

  1. Soak
  2. Steam

Should you carry out these two steps correctly, you will be able to maintain the purple colour of brinjal and end up with a beautiful dish that looks as good as it tastes.

It is very important to begin your success with proper selection of brinjal. Please select brinjal that is slim all the way from head to toe. Yes, you need to pick your brinjal based on the supermodel criteria, slim and slim, preferably no big bum. For its skin, look for smooth with sheen in dark purple colour.

To prepare the brinjal for steaming, first you trim away the head where the stem is. Then you half the brinjal before you cut it into shorter length. Next you soak the brinjal pieces in a bowl of water with addition of rice vinegar. You may add one tablespoon of rice vinegar to every litre of water used. The brinjal needs to be soaked for 15min.

Meanwhile, heat up water in a steamer. Steam brinjal for 3 min in high heat once water is boiling. When steaming is done, please open the lid to release the hot air to let the brinjal cools down. Then you may cut the brinjal into bite size pieces for stir-fry or pull the brinjal apart to make cold dish.

Once brinjal is steamed for 3 min, please open the lid to let it cool down prior to cutting into smaller pieces for cooking.
You can see that the fibre of brinjal is soft after steaming.
Brinjal remained to be beautiful when dish is done.

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