Enoki Bacon Roll 金针菇培根卷

Enoki Bacon Roll 查阅中文食谱,请点阅 – 金针菇培根卷

Ingredient list

1.Streaky bacon 1 pack
2.Enoki mushroom 1 pack
3.Cooking oil


  1. Clean enoki mushroom, cut to desired length.  How to wash enoki mushroom? Please click HERE.
  2. Lay out a slice of bacon to wrap around desired amount of enoki mushroom. Repeat this step to get all enoki bacon rolls done.
  3. Heat pan, pour in cooking oil. When oil is warm, place enoki bacon rolls to fry, with openings facing downward.
  4. When all are done, plate the enoki bacon rolls, squeeze some Japanese mayonnaise and honey mustard, serve hot.

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