Homemade Korean Kimchi – Chilli Paste 手工韩国泡菜 – 辣椒糊

Delicious kimchi relies on a delicious chilli paste

Homemade Korean Kimchi – Chilli Paste

点击查阅中文食谱 : 手工韩国泡菜 – 辣椒糊制作


  1. Water 240g
  2. Pear juice 240g
  3. Glutinous rice flour 2 tblsp
  4. Brown sugar 2 tblsp
  5. Garlic 100g
  6. Onion 30g
  7. Ginger 10g
  8. Fermented shrimp with brine 60g
  9. Fish sauce to taste
  10. Pink salt to taste
  11. Red pepper flakes to taste


  1. Mix ingredient 1-4 in a pot, gently stir until glutinous rice flour dissolve into liquid.
  2. Boil the mixture till bubbling, gentle stir to avoid burning. Cook until the mixture thickened and looked translucent.
  3. Turn off heat, set aside for cooling off.
  4. Using a blender, place ingredient 6-10 inside, blend until well mixed.
  5. Once the glutinous rice mixture is cool, add the blended ingredient and red pepper flakes, stir to mix well.

You are now ready to make some delicious kimchi. Click HERE for kimchi recipe.

To watch step-by-step of kimchi assembly, please click the following video:

Step-by-step Korean kimchi assembly


Korean Kimchi – Chilli Paste

1. Fermented shrimp with brine – what is this?

Korean has their own fermented shrimp with brine, named saeujeot. You may get this from Korean grocery store. In any event you are desperate but cannot get hold of the saeujeot, use local cincalok.

2. Which type of pear do I use to get pear juice?

Most of the China pears you normally see in local supermarket can be used, the green skin type not suitable though. If really desperate, that means forgotten to buy but really want to make, substitute with water. The pear juice will help the fermentation as well as better in flavour, just for your information.

3. How long do I ferment in room temperature?

The first stage of fermentation will be in room temperature, our weather is hot and humid hence I only keep it overnight, then I put into fridge to wait for another 3-5 days. By doing this, the fermentation takes longer to develop and mature.

Wish you a wonderful time making your very own kimchi for family.

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