Homemade Korean Kimchi 手工韩国泡菜

Homemade Korean Kimchi

点击查阅中文食谱 – 手工韩国泡菜


  1. Korean cabbage 2.5kg
  2. Radish 120g
  3. Carrot 60g
  4. Spring onion 5 stalks or more
  5. Sea salt (coarse salt)
  6. Chilli paste – click HERE


  1. Cut Korean cabbage into desired size.
  2. Wash and drain away excess water, let dry.
  3. Peel and slice radish, cut the radish into strips. Repeat this step to prepare carrot strips.
  4. Clean spring onion, cut into desired size.
  5. Meanwhile, apply sea salt on every leaves of Korean cabbage.
  6. Turn over the cabbage pieces every 30 minutes.
  7. When the Korean cabbage becomes flexible but remain crunchy, it is time to wash away the sea salt, let dry before moving on to the next step.
  8. Mix radish, carrot and spring onion with chilli paste to form kimchi paste.
  9. Place one piece of Korean cabbage on a flat surface, begin with the last leaf, rub on small amount of kimchi paste.
  10. Progress to rub kimchi paste to another leaf of cabbage. Repeat this step until all leaves are rubbed with kimchi paste.
  11. Roll the cabbage into a piece, place it into a container that is able to contain all cabbage.
  12. Make sure you fit the cabbage pieces closely next to each other, with as little gap as possible.
  13. Seal the container, leave it in room temperature for fermentation approximately 24-36 hours. Light bubbling is a sign of fermentation.
  14. After that, storage the container in fridge. Kimchi will continue to ferment, but at a slower pace. Flavour will be well-developed within 7 days.
  15. Once the kimchi flavour matures to your liking, it is time to enjoy.
Beautiful flavour developed during fermentation

To watch step-by-step Korean kimchi assembly, please click video:

Wish you a wonderful time making your very own kimchi for family.

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