Plain Loaf Bread 白面包


English recipe – Please scroll down

This is a very forgiving 100% hand knead bread recipe.

You do not need to engage any mixer or breadmaker in order to succeed in getting the texture just right.

Please give it a try if you have been wanting to make your own bread for some time, or you are still looking for the best loaf bread recipe to work with.

You are welcome to share this recipe with family and friends who enjoy bread too.

Very forgiving loaf bread recipe that you may attempt it at home easily, even without the use of any machine.

Plain Loaf Bread


1.Water 165g
2.Instant dry yeast 6g
3.Fine sugar 35g
4.Egg 1个
5.Salt 6g
6.All purpose flour 150g
7.Bread flour 200g
8.Unsalted butter 42g
9.Unsalted butter (melted, for brushing)


  1. In a big mixing bowl, put in water, instant dry yeast and fine sugar, stir a few times to mix the ingredients.
  2. About 30 seconds later, add egg and salt, stir to break the egg into mixture before added bread flour.
  3. Use a pair of chopsticks to stir the ingredients until they combined, they may look like scattered pieces now. Knead the pieces a little, once they combine and form a ball of dough, cover the mixing bowl with cling film, let the dough rest for 15min.
  4. Transfer the dough onto worktop, add unsalted butter. Knead the dough until all butter are well blended into the dough, and the surface of dough does not look oily anymore. The dough will smooth out.
  5. Continue with kneading, followed by lightly hitting the dough onto workshop. Repeat this set of actions until you are able to pinch and pull the sides of dough away into a thin layer of membrane. Shape the dough, put it back to the mixing bowl, apply a layer of cling film, let dough rest about 40-50min or doubled in volume.
  6. Transfer the dough onto worktop again, lightly knead to release the air. Divide the dough into two or four pieces, shape them and cover them with cling film, let rest for 15min.
  7. Roll out dough, press out air bubbles if there is any, then roll it up again. Repeat the same for the other piece of dough. Place both pieces of dough into greased pan. Apply a layer of cling film, let the doughs rest 40-50min or expand to reach 90% of pan height.
  8. Send the pan to preheated oven, bake for 12min, turn the pan inside out, bake for another 5min.
  9. Examine the colour of bread, bring it out if you feel happy with the browning, otherwise, bake for a few more minutes until you are satisfied with the colour.
  10. Once you bring out the bread from the oven, apply some melted butter to the browned areas if you would love to have some sheen on the skin of bread.
  11. Let the bread rests in pan for 10min before unmoulding it onto wire rack. Serve fresh.


  1. Due to hot and humid weather in Singapore, please ensure all ingredients are back to room temperature (25°C) except yeast can be used directly from fridge.
  2. Please oil the pan you used for baking bread unless it is a non-stick pan. You may apply butter, extra virgin olive oil or any salad oil.
  3. 15min before baking, preheat oven at 175°C, use setting of top and bottom heat with fan.
Step 6 – When you transfer the dough to worktop, you will notice the fibre structure inside dough already resemble the fibre structure of a bread

Once you reached this stage, it’s time to shape your dough and get ready for baking soon…

This was what I got when I divided the dough into 2 pieces, to put into the baking pan in landscape.
Baked with almond flakes and cranberry to add some beautiful flavour and texture to the loaf bread

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2 thoughts on “Plain Loaf Bread 白面包

    1. If really don’t have, you can use but reducing the addition of salt in this recipe. It’s better to buy unsalted butter as it is possible to add salt later whenever you need to.


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