Homemade Roti Pratha 印度煎饼


English recipe – Please scroll down

Homemade Roti Pratha


1.All-purpose flour 560g
2.Caster sugar 1 tblsp
3.Salt 1 tsp
4.Egg 1pce
5.Condensed milk 2tsp
6.Warm water 250ml
7.Cooking oil (refer to step 6)


  1. In a large mixing bowl, put in flour, sugar and salt, stir to mix well.
  2. In another bowl, stir in egg and condensed milk into warm water.
  3. Pour mixture in step 2 into the flour, use chopsticks to stir until ingredients are combined, they may look like scattered pieces now.
  4. Hand knead the scattered pieces until they form a ball, the surface of the dough will gradually become smooth. Knead until the dough is not sticky to bowl, this step may take 25-30min.
  5. Divide the dough into 8-10 pieces evenly.
  6. Pour some cooking oil into a container, place a few pieces of dough inside. Pour more oil into the container should you need to stack another layer of dough. Once done, pour enough oil to just cover the top layer of dough.
  7. Let dough rest in cooking oil at least 2 hours.

8. Place one piece of dough on a small plate, use palm to flatten the dough into a disc of diameter 4inch (10cm). Let the disc of dough rest.

9. Get ready a tray, turn it upside down, rub some oil on the bottom surface, put the disc of dough in the middle of tray. Gradually apply some force using your palm to push the dough, repeat this step (in different directions) to expand it all round. Let rest a while, before pulling the dough to expand further.

10. Pick up the dough from one side, gradually pull it outwards. Do not pull too fast or you may end up having holes. Be patient, pull the dough to certain extent and put it down before you began to pull the dough again on another side. The objective is to expand the dough all round until it is big and thin at the same time.

11. Once you achieve the size and thinkness to your liking, you may now put in preferred fillings.

12. Fold in dough from top inward, follow by folding from bottom inward. Subsequently fold in dough from left and right too in order to contain the fillings in the middle of pratha.

13. Heat up pan with some oil, fry the pratha to golden brown, serve hot with curry.


  1. Besides warm water, please ensure all ingredients are back to room temperature.
  2. The cooking oil for using to soak the small dough pieces will be used during expansion of dough and pan fry of pratha too. For future storage purpose, you may heat up the balance of cooking oil before you keep it for cooking later.
  3. Step 4 – You may rest 1-2 times should you want. Just wrap the dough with cling film to let it rest before resuming to knead it.
  4. Step 8 – You may press out more dough pieces to let them rest simultaneously if you use a larger plate or have sufficient space on your kitchen worktop.
  5. Step 9 – It is fine to use tray of any shape, round, square or rectangle.
  6. Step 11 – For pratha fillings, egg and onion is very popular, so are cheese slices, banana and chocolate, canned sardines. Be creative, sky is the limit.


1. Can I store the dough in oil overnight? Or at which stage can I keep the dough overnight?

Should you wish to store the dough for overnight, or up to 3 days in refrigerator, I suggest you complete step 7.

By then the dough has absorbed enough oil, they will not stick to each other. As a result, you may transfer the dough pieces to clean and dry tupperware to avoid storing suce a big container that occupies big space inside your fridge.

You just need to bring the dough out from the fridge ahead of time, let them thaw and soften to room temperature before you spread them out for frying.

2. Why do I soak dough in cooking oil for 2 hours?

Yes you need to let the dough attain pliability for stretching later.

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