Pong Pong Prawn Fritters 蓬蓬虾


English recipe – Please scroll down

Pong Pong Prawn


 Deep fry batter
1.Self-raising flour 100g
2.Rice flour 30g
3.Baking powder 1/4茶匙
4.Pink salt 1/2茶匙
5.White pepper 1/4茶匙
6.Five spice powder 1 hint
7.Water 120ml
8.Cooking oil 2汤匙
9.Small size 18只/ medium size 10只
10.Pink salt to taste
11.White pepper to taste


  1. a big mixing bowl, put in ingredient 1 to 6, stir the ingredients, mix well.
  2. Add water, stir well, the batter may look very thick now, but not smooth.
  3. Add oil, stir well, the batter may look smoother now, and you will be able to drag it up for a while.
  4. Put the bowl of batter into fridge for cooling approximately 30-40 min.
  5. Clean prawns. Marinate the prawns with pink salt and white pepper for 15 min.
  6. Pat dry the prawns with kitchen towel. This enable the prawns to adhere to the batter, and avoiding the possibility of oil splashing out during deep fry.
  7. Heat up a pot of cooking oil, use wooden chopsticks to test the doneness. If you observe tiny bubbles gather around the chopsticks, the oil is hot enough for deep fry now.
  8. Retrieve the batter from fridge, whisk well before use.
  9. Coat one prawn at a time. Deep fry until golden brown, serve hot.


  1. If you purchase the rice flour, your batter may look smoother than mine. I mill my rice flour from grains hence the flour is less refined compared to rice flour from shelves.
  2. Step 9 – If your deep fry pot is large, you may deep fry a few prawns at a time. The prawns will sink to the bottom when you first put them in, however, they will float in no time. You will be able to deep fry well so long the heat control is appropriate.

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