Pan Fried Char Siew 锅底叉烧


English recipe – Please scroll down

Here is the recipe for making pan fried char siew, which is called 锅底叉烧 in Chinese that literally means bottom wok char siew to indicate no oven required but to fry in a cast iron pan or wok.

Pan Fried Char Siew


1.Pork collar / Pork fillet 1kg
2.Fuzhong red fermented beancurd 1 cube
3.Sauce of Fuzhong red fermented beancurd 1 tblsp
4.Premium honey 2 tblsp
5.Fine sugar 3 tblsp
6.Dark soy sauce (老抽) 1 tblsp
7.Soy sauce 1 tblsp
8.Oyster sauce 1 tblsp
9.White pepper to taste
10.Five spice powder 1 hint
11.Hoisin sauce 1 tblsp
12.Shaoxing cooking wine 1 tblsp
13.Cooking oil 2 tblsp
14.Water 120ml
15.Honey water (ratio 1:1)4 tblsp


  1. Clean meat, drain dry. Use a satay stick to stamp on the meat randomly.
  2. In a large mixing bowl, put ingredients 2 to 12, stir to mix well, this is the marinate.
  3. Put meat into marinate, massage the meat to aid penetration, cover with cling film, store in fridge to marinate overnight.
  4. Bring meat back to room temperature prior to cooking it.
  5. In a cast iron pan, put cooking oil, heat up. Pan fried meat to seal both sides.
  6. Pour water into marinate, stir well. Pour mixture into the pot, cover with lid, bring char siew to just cooked.
  7. Remove char siew. Continue cooking the char siew sauce until it is thickened. Pour char siew sauce into bowl, reserve half a cup of char siew sauce in pan.
  8. Place char siew into the pan again, pour in honey water. Turn the char siew occasionally, use a brush to brush the sauce onto the surface of char siew.
  9. Fry until sauce caramelized, and liquid in sauce evaporated. Char siew is done.
  10. Let char siew rests for 15min, slice it, drizzle with char siew sauce, garnish with toasted sesame seeds, serve hot.

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