Japanese Sesame Dressing (from scratch) 日式芝麻酱


English recipe – Please scroll down

Making Japanese sesame dressing from scratch gives you beautiful flavours. It is a perfect dressing to go with salad or even steak.

For something refreshing, you are welcome to try my cold tofu recipe that is super easy to make – Cold Tofu With Lemon Sesame Dressing.

It is important to toast the sesame in order to release the beautiful fragrance of white sesame. Alternatively, you may toast the white sesame in oven too.

Japanese Sesame Dressing


1.Toasted white sesame 60g
2.Fine sugar 1 tblsp
3.Japanese sesame oil 1/4 cup
4.Japanese soy sauce 1/4 cup
5.Japanese rice vinegar 1 tblsp
6.Mirin-sake mixture 1tblsp
7.Japanese mayonnaise (optional) 2 tblsp


  1. Toast white sesame to enhance its fragrance.
  2. Bring mirin and cooking sake to soft boil, in the ratio of 1:1
  3. Process the toasted white sesame to desired fineness.
  4. Add ingredient 2-7, whisk until well combined.


1. For creamier sesame dressing, add Japanese mayonnaise as indicated.

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