Homemade Chee Cheong Fun 手作猪肠粉


English recipe – Please scroll down

SAME RECIPE to make hor fun and chee cheong fun

Check out the recipe on how to achieve these…
If you are able to fully grasp the steps of this recipe, this is the kind of texture that you will get, smooth, thin and slightly pliable.

Chee Cheong Fun / Hor Fun


1.Rice flour (粘米粉) 300g
2.Potato starch (土豆淀粉) 170g
3.Wheat starch (澄面粉) 10g
4.Salt 2 tsp
5.Warm water 1125ml
6.Rice bran oil 1-1/2 tblsp
7.Water 200-300ml


  1. In a large mixing bowl, pour in rice flour, potato starch, wheat starch and salt, stir to mix well.
  2. Pour in warm water, stir to blend the ingredients and water together.
  3. Pour rice bran oil, whisk until the oil is absorbed.
  4. Pour in balance of warm water.
  5. Lightly whisk the mixture to combine. Cover with cling wrap, let rest for 2-3 hours.
  6. Prior to steaming, stir the mixture well, gradually add water in 50ml intervals.
  7. Stir well every time you scoop the mixture out as the ingredients tend to settle at the bottom of bowl.


  1. Even though some flours are interchangeable in cooking. But if you would like to achieve the texture as shown in the photo, you need to use the same type of flour and follow strictly on the measurements too.
  2. Step 1 – If the flours are lumpy, please sift. If the flours are dry and no lump, sift is not required.
  3. Step 5 – This is an important step, please do not omit. Therefore, if you would like to steam chee cheong fun for lunch, please prepare the mixture in the morning; if you would like to steam chee cheong fun for dinner, please prepare the mixture after lunch time.
  4. Step 6 – After resting the mixture, it is time to add the 200-300ml water. This however, is not neccessary to be added all in. The amount of water will determine the texture you get. If you add less water, then mixture will be thicker hence the finished product will be thicker and heavier. Therefore, you are able to achieve the texture of hor fun (for stir-fry), guo tiao (for soup) and chee cheong fun based on less water to more water added in this stage. You may start with adding 100ml of water, mix well and steam a small sample to check, once you get the texture that you like, record the amount of water you added and use it the next round you make chee cheong fun again. Please bear in mind that flours, even from the same brand, the rate of liquid absorption varies from batch to batch, this is the same concept of boiling rice where we need to make slight adjustment when we open up a new bag of rice.
This is how the shrimp filled chee cheong fun looks like. You will see the motif of coriader leaves due to the translucent texture of chee cheong fun

Condiment for Hong Kong chee cheong fun

1 cup light soy sauce : 1 cup hot water : 1 tsp fine sugar. Stir well, taste the condiment, adjust to your taste by enhancing with slightly more sugar.

The condiment should taste a hint of sweetness but not sweet.

For hor fun, you need to oil the surface of the steamed rice sheet to prevent them from sticking. I recommend chilling prior to using because the texture is too soft when the hor fun comes out freshly from steaming.

How to steam chee cheong fun

  1. You may use any pans with flat bottom, please bear in mind that mixture steamed on a  thicker pan takes longer to cooked in compare to mixture steamed on a thinner pan.
  2. Steaming time range from 3-6 minutes. If you pan is thick (jus like mine), you may place it on steaming for preheating purpose. Omit the preheating step if your pan is thin.
  3. How to remove the chee cheong fun from pan? For easy removal, I recommend you brush the pan with oil prior to steaming. You may also use a piece of cloth just like hawkers doing or you may make use of a piece of parchment paper.
  4. How do I know if the chee cheong fun is cooked? When you observe air pockets in between chee cheong fun and the pan, and the colour of your chee cheong fun changes to translucent, these are strong indications that your chee cheong fun is done.

Wish you great success! Have Fun!!

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