Szechuan Chilli Oil 四川辣椒油(红油)


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This is how Chinese prepare quality Szechuan chilli oil. It is not bland, or plain with just chilli and some spices. Chilli oil prepared in this method has beautiful aroma, not heaty and very tasty, being you take it as condiment or use it to prepare dishes.


Ingredient list

Dry Ingredient

1. Rice bran oil (cooked) 90g

2. Szechuan chilli flakes (coarse) 100g

3. Szechuan chilli flakes (fine) 100g

4. Brown sugar 5g

5. Fine sugar 20g

6. Pink salt 15g

7. Toasted peanuts 45g

8. Toasted white sesame 30g

Preparation 1

1. Heat up rice bran oil to prepare cooked oil, let fully cool before use.

2. Pour dry ingredient 2 to 6 into a big mixing bowl, mix well.

3. Pour in cooked oil, stir to mix well.

4. Add dry ingredient 7 and 8, stir until all ingredients are well blended.

Fragrant Oil Ingredient

1. Peanut oil 550g

2. Chinese celery 45g

3. Celery stems 45g

4. Spring onion (head) 45g

5. Onion 45g

6. Star anise 4pcs

7. Cardamom 10 seeds

8. Cinnamon 2 sticks

9. Bay leaves 5 pcs

10. Sannai 10g

11. Ginger slices 25g

12. Tsaoko 2pcs

13. Szechuan peppercorn 1 tsp

14. Green peppercorn 1 tsp

Preparation 2

1. Clean and let dry fragrant oil ingredient 2 to 5, cut into similar sizes, set aside.

2. Heat up peanut oil in a cooking pot.

3. Add fragrant oil ingredient 2 to 12 when you observe oil is heating up.

4. Stir to fry the ingredients, maintain high heat until bubbling.

5. Maintain medium heat to fry the ingredients until golden brown, off the heat.

6. Remove all the golden-browned ingredients, now the fragrant oil is ready to be heated up again.

Preparation 3 制作步骤(三)

1. Turn on flame, add fragrant oil ingredient 13 and 14, meanwhile, observe the temperature of oil.

2. Once desired temperature is achieved, pour 1/3 of the fragrant oil into the dry ingredients.

3. Stir vigorously after each pour in order to promote even contact of oil to dry ingredients.

4. Repeat the pouring 2 more times to release the beautiful chilli flavour fully.

5. After the chilli oil cool down a little, cover with a lid until fully cool down.

6. You will notice the chilli oil becomes less runny when it is fully cool down.


1. Do not over-fry the fragrant oil ingredients to avoid bitterness in taste due to burning.

2. Those who enjoy numbness of Szechuan peppercorns only add in after filtered away the fragrant oil ingredients. Please do not omit because peppercorns contribute to the full flavour of chilli oil.

3. Best temperature to achieve is 180°C – 190°C, you may use a cooking thermometer to ensure perfect temperature.

Pour in oil in 3 batches will aid full release of chilli flavour.

5. Store chilli oil in sanitized mason jar (in boiling water) for longer enjoyment.

6. Szechuan chilli oil can be kept for up to a month at room temperature, or 2 weeks once open.

Recipes that call for Szechuan chilli oil:

  1. Szechuan Chilli Oil Wanton 红油抄手
  2. Szechuan Chilli Oil Pulled Chicken 四川川红油手撕鸡

Click on the following image to view the making of Szechuan chilli oil:

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