Vietnamese Cold Rolls 越南米纸春卷


English recipe – Please scroll down

Back in uni,there was a stall of Vietnamese pho in Chinatown of Adelaide.

This stall was well-loved by overseas students, and locals especially the Asian community. The business was super good. So long the stalls was open, the owner and her partners had to churn out food non-stop. I had never see the 3 huge stock pots rest, they are always simmering the well-loved soup stock for cooking the pho.

Besides beef pho, they made the best Vietnamese cold rolls that I enjoyed very much.

Vietnamese cold rolls are extremely healthy and refreshing. Not only that we do not need to deep-fry, we basically do not use a drop of oil in making cold rolls.

What do we fill inside Vietnamese cold rolls?

The rice paper is readily available in supermarkets, Thai and Vietnamese grocers. Take a sheet of rice paper out, dip it once in room temperature drinking water, it softens in seconds. Very convenient and easy to use indeed.

Honestly there is no limitation to what you can wrap it with. However, I enjoyed the combination that this particular pho stall did, I will list out what they used:

  1. Vermicelli (either beehoon or the coarse type for laksa is fine to use)
  2. Meat slices (either pork or chicken)
  3. Shrimp
  4. Aromatic herbs (mint leaves, Thai basil leaves or coriander leaves)
  5. Green bean sprouts
  6. Salad vegetables (I used red bean sprouts in my recent attempt but lettuce or cucumber strips are fine too)

Vermicelli will be soaked for a while, then cook in hot water until your preferred softness. Meat and shrimp to be cooked in hot water too prior to slicing.

The rest of the herbs and vegetables are usually eat raw but I preferred to rinse the green bean sprouts with hot water to eliminate the raw taste. You may omit the step should you enjoy green bean sprouts without cooking.

This healthy, no oil, no seasoning Vietnamese cold rolls, get it’s taste through dippy sauce.

Let us check out the ingredients and steps of making this dippy sauce.

Vietnamese Cold Rolls – Dippy Sauce


1.Rice vinegar 150ml
2.Water 80ml
3.Fine sugar/ palm sugarto taste
4.Vietnamese fish sauce to taste
5.Soy sauce 1 dash
6.Minced garlic 2 gloves
7.Red chilli 1no
8.Peanut bits


  1. Clean the red chilli, remove seeds, chop finely. Set aside.
  2. Pour rice vinegar and water into a pot, bring to almost boil. Add fine sugar or palm sugar, stir until dissolve,  do a tasting, adjust to balance the sourness until you are happy with the taste.
  3. Add fish sauce to give the dippy sauce a savoury taste. Do a tasting until the taste is to your liking.
  4. Lastly, add a dash of soy sauce to enhance the taste of dippy sauce.
  5. Stir in minced garlic and chopped red chilli, mix well.
  6. Only add peanut bits when about to serve, enjoy by dipping cold rolls in the sauce.

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