Meatless Dumpling 无肉粽子


To read information in English, please scroll down.

If you are interested to order meatless dumplings, we accept order in advance notice.

1kg of glutinous rice yield 18-20pcs of dumplings.

Minimum order quantity is 15pcs. Price is $4.20 per piece.

For order less than 15pcs, please wait for orders to be compiled together with other orders to meet the MOQ.

Ingredient list: Glutinous rice, dried mushroom, chestnut, salted egg, black eye beans, shallot, garlic, split beans, preserved turnip, peanuts, oil, mushroom powder, five spice powder, pepper, salt, sesame oil, sugar, dark soy sauce.

At the moment, I do not provide doorstep delivery service. Please self collect.

Please pay in full in order to confirm the order.

To enquire, you are welcome to whatsapp to 96717197. Thank you.

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Facebook: chefpeishuen

Youtube: PS K

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