Vietnamese Cold Rolls 越南米纸春卷

中文食谱,请点击这里。 English recipe – Please scroll down Back in uni,there was a stall of Vietnamese pho in Chinatown of Adelaide. This stall was well-loved by overseas students, and locals especially the Asian community. The business was super good. So long the stalls was open, the owner and her partners had to churn out food non-stop.Continue reading “Vietnamese Cold Rolls 越南米纸春卷”

Szechuan Chilli Oil 四川辣椒油(红油)

中文食谱,请点击这里。 English recipe – Please scroll down This is how Chinese prepare quality Szechuan chilli oil. It is not bland, or plain with just chilli and some spices. Chilli oil prepared in this method has beautiful aroma, not heaty and very tasty, being you take it as condiment or use it to prepare dishes. SZECHUANContinue reading “Szechuan Chilli Oil 四川辣椒油(红油)”

Chinese Cucumber Salad 拍黄瓜

中文食谱,请点击这里。 English recipe – Please scroll down Chinese cucumber salad is one of the well-loved cold dishes. It is delicious and crunchy, healthy and appertizing too. I’d say this is one of the best dish to make on a hot summer day. Not only the ingredients are affordable, they are conveniently available all year longContinue reading “Chinese Cucumber Salad 拍黄瓜”

Preserving Scallion and Coriander 青葱和芫茜的保存方法

中文厨房小贴士,请点击这里。 Kitchen hacks in English – Please scroll down This is the 2nd part of kitchen hacks in preserving aromatic herbs, particularly scallion, coriander and Chinese pasley. If you miss the 1st part of kitchen hacks in preserving aromatic herbs, you are welcome to click on the title to read. It is a relatively shortContinue reading “Preserving Scallion and Coriander 青葱和芫茜的保存方法”

Mom’s Pillow Dumpling 妈妈的枕头粽

中文读者,请点击链接。 To read information in English, please scroll down. If you are interested to order some pillow dumplings, we accept order in advance notice. A cooked dumpling weighed between 630g – 670g,it is priced at $15 per piece. There is no minimum order quantity,but order less than 24pcs will be compiled together with other ordersContinue reading “Mom’s Pillow Dumpling 妈妈的枕头粽”

French Pastry Pie Crust 法式传统派皮

中文食谱,请点击这里。 English recipe – Please scroll down French Pastry Pie Crust Ingredient 1. Cake flour/ plain flour 250g 2. Salt 1 Pinch 3. Water 50ml 4. Egg yolk 1no 5. Unsalted butter 125g Step-by-step Cut unsalted butter into smaller pieces, chill in fridge. Stir in egg yolk into water, mix the egg mixture well. ChillContinue reading “French Pastry Pie Crust 法式传统派皮”

Coleslaw 包菜沙拉

中文食谱,请点击这里。 English recipe – Please scroll down 1. Cabbage 400g 2. Carrot 30g 3. Mayonnaise 1/2杯 4. Japanese mayonnaise 1/4杯 5. Lemon juice 1 tblsp 6. Fine sugar 1/2tsp 7. English mustard 1/2tsp茶匙 8. Pink salt 1/8茶匙 Step-by-step Clean and drain dry cabbage. Let dry completely before shred it finely. Set aside in fridge. CleanContinue reading “Coleslaw 包菜沙拉”

Scallop Yam Croquette 荔芋带子

中文食谱,请点击这里。 English recipe – Please scroll down Scallop Yam Croquette Ingredient 1. Wheat starch 125g澄面粉 2. Boiling hot water 125g沸水 3. Cooked yam/ taro puree 600g熟荔芋泥 4. Fine sugar 1 tsp细砂糖 5. Salt 2 tsp盐 6. Five spice powder to taste五香粉 7. White pepper to taste白胡椒粉 8. Lard 100g猪油 9. Unsalted butter 100g无盐奶油 10. UnsaltedContinue reading “Scallop Yam Croquette 荔芋带子”

Homemade Chee Cheong Fun 手作猪肠粉

中文食谱,请点击这里 English recipe – Please scroll down SAME RECIPE to make hor fun and chee cheong fun Check out the recipe on how to achieve these… Chee Cheong Fun / Hor Fun Ingredient 1. Rice flour (粘米粉) 300g 2. Potato starch (土豆淀粉) 170g 3. Wheat starch (澄面粉) 10g 4. Salt 2 tsp 5. Warm waterContinue reading “Homemade Chee Cheong Fun 手作猪肠粉”

Hot Dog Bun 香肠面包

中文食谱,请点击这里。 English recipe – Please scroll down I am not a bread person who craves for bread everyday, or at least 4-5 days in a week. However, whenever I feel like eating a bread and patron a bakery, I always pick up hot dog buns. So when I received some messages from cooking friends whoContinue reading “Hot Dog Bun 香肠面包”