Black Bean Steamed Silver Fish 豆豉蒸银鱼仔

中文食谱,请点击查阅 – 豆豉蒸银鱼仔 English recipe – please scroll down Have you ever tried this old school ah ma dish? It’s not a fancy dish, it’s not noticeable to most people but it’s full of memory to me. Steam silver fish with black bean to enjoy with jasmine rich or Teochew porridge. Black Bean Steamed SilverContinue reading “Black Bean Steamed Silver Fish 豆豉蒸银鱼仔”

Enoki with Black Bean Sauce 豉汁金针菇

Enoki with black bean sauce 中文食谱请点击这里:豉汁金针菇 Ingredient list   Ingredient 1. Enoki mushroom 2packs       Black bean sauce 2. Cooking oil 2 tblsp 3. Chopped red chilli/ chilli padi slices 1/2 tblsp 4. Chopped garlic 1-1/2 tblsp 5. Chopped ginger 1 tblsp 6. Lee Kum Kee black bean sauce 1-1/2 tblsp 7. WaterContinue reading “Enoki with Black Bean Sauce 豉汁金针菇”